Why sexting always involves my cats

I can’t post the picture, because I’ve lost my SD adaptor for my phone memory card for the 327th time, but yesterday I found my long-haired cat lounging  in the bathroom sink, and I took a picture, which I then texted to my husband.

Me captioning the picture: Sylvester wants you to come home and wash him.

Husband: You have a nice pussy.

Me: You don’t think it’s a little overgrown and matted?

Husband: Sometimes pussies are like that.

I am so glad I married someone who shares my pubescent boy sense of humor, although I’m pretty sure there is a possibility we’re damaging our kids by having constant dirty minds about every single thing. You don’t want to be around when we have to caulk anything, since we don’t pronounce it with the L. Or maybe you do.


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